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We Deal Deal with Following Products & Services:
» IBM Server & Storages
» Lenovo Desktop & Notebooks
» Microsoft Licenses
» AMC Services

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Ph: +91- 40-39100958/30627645

Ph: +91-40-39100957

Personal Computing : Overview

Bluecom and has a strategic and a strong relationship with both IBM ,Lenovo, & Microsoft over years.

One of the primary reasons for Bluecom's success in this area is our ability to:

•   Provide our customers with cutting edge,reliable,high quality,high performing products
•   To help our cusomers choose the right technology/product that best meets their need
•   Provide our customers with professional services along with these products
•   Provide our customers with the fastest delivery to meet customer deadlines
•   Provide are customers with the most competitive prices
•   Provide addional soliutions and services that can improve ROI through inproved productivity and efficiency

Bluecom's personal systems group (PSG) has won numerous accolades and awards from IBM, Lenovo & Microsoft for its contribution in this arena. Bluecom today is one of the top partners for IBM, Lenovo & Microsoft in India.

The personal systems group (PSG) primarily consists of Intel based products which include Desktops, Notebooks, x86 Servers, Printing Solutions, MS Operating systems & MS applications, Antivirus software and others options & peripheral products.


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